The founder

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Adriano-Rodella-300x400Adriano Rodella, champion of tights

What he says about himself is: “I’m a farmer”. However, Adriano Rodella – founder and owner of Pompea – is first and foremost an untiring builder of companies with an amazing  where to buy Pregabalin online intuition for innovations. This self-made man started early in life: at the age of 14 he was working in a hosiery factory.

Owing to his wealth of curiosity, there was not a single textile machine that concealed its secrets from him. In fact, he soon became a specialist. At the age of 24 he founded his first large hosiery factory. His unstoppable rise commenced, and led him to a leadership position in the nylon hosiery industry in Italy and Europe.

In the early ’80s Rodella discovered and exploited the  potentials of elastomer by producing hosiery that immediately became fashionable.

At the end of the ’90s he founded Pompea. It as well produced nylon hosiery, but two years later Rodella extended it production to seamless underwear and acquired a brand that had become a myth, Roberta.

Today Pompea is leader in the ladies’ hosiery and underwear market.